What’s a Blowout?

Blowouts are my absolute favorite. I love providing the sophisticated, clean style for guests. But what is a blowout? We’ve all heard the term or heard someone say “Thanks! I just got my hair blownout!” No worries I’ll walk you through it.

A blowout is a meticulous method of drying hair to achieve a desired look. Each section of hair is manipulated to get the smoothest and most voluptuous finish possible.

So what makes a blowout specials and different than a regular dry you might do at home?

Starting with wet hair, each section is lifted off the scalp. The reason for lifting hair off the scalp is so the natural oils won’t effect the hair—meaning that your hair won’t get as oily as it would otherwise. This allows you to go longer between washing.

Unlike many styles, a blowout typically lasts two or more days. Remember the ladies that used to (or still do) style their hair with a roller set once a week? It’s a similar concept. The goal is to get your style to last as long as it can go.

Maintaining healthy hair is the number one priority for a blowout. Getting a blowout results in less damage for your hair, and thermal brushes are the key. A thermal round brush provides some heat to the hair, minimizing the need for using actual hot tools. This helps the hair, because thermal brushes used with a blow dryer cannot get as hot as a smoothing iron. No matter how much heat is on your hair, however, it’s still vital to use proper products. The stylist will decide and educate the guest on what type of products will be suitable for the desired look. This way, the style will last as long as long as possible.

Most importantly, blowouts are for everyone. Getting a blowout service takes your hair to the next level, no matter the situation. When you have long, thick, and unruly hair, why not let someone else do your hair for you? It will take less of your time and is a great way to pamper yourself once a week. Or, if you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding, a blowout is the way to go; there is no better way to prep your hair for a special event style than to get your hair blown out a day or two before the event.

So the big question, is it worth it? Yes! Blowouts are a great way to start a weekend, special occasion, or just to feel pampered. Honestly, getting a blowout will make you feel confident in any situation! If you have any questions about the blowout process, feel free to give us a call.