Look Book

Georgia Peach

Beachy Waves

The GEORGIA PEACH is for the laid back lady who wants just woken up hair or just left the beach hair, but ten times better. In this style, the curls go in different directions, and the ends are left out.

America’s Sweetheart

Polished Curls

AMERICA’S SWEETHEART is for the lady who wants big curls. The hair is curled all the way to the bottom and has a polished look to it.

Miss Congeniality


MISS CONGENIALITY is for the lady who wants to make a statement with BIG hair. This classic look mimics the result that hot rollers give the hair. It is voluminous first and foremost, and the ends have a bit of a soft curl to them.

Pretty Little Tennessean


The PRETTY LITTLE TENNESSEAN is for the lady who wants a sleek straight look. You can also create this look with a slight bend on the end.



Boho, French, Dutch, Bubble, Fishtail, Crown, We can do it all! Add it to your blowout or come in for just a braid.

Little Princess

Little Princess

The Little Princess is for our little ladies 10 and under! Whether it’s for a special occasion, birthday or anyday, we will make every little girl feel like a “Little Princess”.



There are many updos to choose from! Bring in an inspiration picture or look at examples in our look book!